On the European Works Councils (EWC)


The leadership group of GSEE (member of ETUC in Greece), with a letter to the Ministry of Labor on 7th of October, asks from the Ministry to upgrade its role, from a trade union to an Advisor of the Employers through the so called European Works Councils (EWC).            

They have no shame. Their role as a Trojan horse to turn trade unions into a support system for business groups is proven once again by promoting EWCs, where employers will “inform and seek employees’ advice” on how to slaughter them.

With a document, in which not once appear the works “DEMAND”, “STRIKE” or even “STRUGLE”, the appointed and falseleadership of GSEE, fully embedded in the logic of social partnership and class cooperation, deletes the hundreds of thousands of layoffs of the last years, the workers killed in the day-to-day work struggle, the wage cuts, the crushing of worker rights that workers live and sees as a major problem that

“Critical information and consultation rights are often not properly implemented in practice and information is provided with considerable delay”

So,the point is not that big companies impose starvation wages and flexible working relations, or that they fire thousands of workers every day, but the point is that that should happen “after they are informed”.

    The leadership group of GSEE that workers call “trade union mafia” is crying because employers do not use them as a mechanism for absorbing workers’ reactions. They ask employers to have a chair at their table in order to play the role of the HR Manager who will pass the bad news to the employees.

     While the ND government seeks to ban unions, to target trade unionists and ban strikes, at the same time, the GSEE calls for EU plans to be imposed on EWCs. Mechanisms that have only the role and rationale to promote corporate decisions within employees. The company will be able to lay off, reduce wages, close its stores and go elsewhere, provided it has informed “in a timely manner” and in the “appropriate manner”. EWCs are an instrument of the EU and employers. In Greece, GSEE promotes them under the guidance of the European Trade Union Confederation-ETUC, in order to ensure labor peace in the European monopolies operating in Greece.

      The working class does not need to become a partner of the employers and their governments

Workers Need Mass, Militant, Live Trade Unions,

Against Employers Plans


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