Musical Protests All Over Greece (VIDEOS-PHOTOS)


In many neighborhoods of Athens but also in many cities of Greece artists, musicians, singers, workers in the field of Culture sent a single message through their Arts: We unite our voice with the voice of the workers of the whole country! Our strength is in our struggles. We are here today to defend our art. Your art. Our life. So that we do not pay the new crisis that has arrived again.

More than 1000 musicians in the neighborhoods of Athens and many cities of Greece sang about their art and their work. Jazz, blues, rock, Latin, ethnic, classical music, modern and alternative music, free improvisation, choral repertoire, traditional Greek music sent a message of struggle and demand.

Also important was the internationalist music solidarity by musicians from other countries who sent their own songs.




50 violins protest in front of Parliament

Actors Protest under Acropolis-Thisio

Music Protest in front of Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Musicians under Acropolis- Areopagitou

Piraeus Port

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