Message of PAME to the Congress of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Syria


Dear comrades,

We would like to thank the GFTU for their hospitality and congratulate you on your successful opening ceremony of your congress.

On behalf of the Executive Secretariat of PAME, I bring to you warm fraternal greetings to President Sampam Assouz, the leadership and the representatives of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Syria. And also to tell you that it is well remembered by the hundreds of trade unionists of PAME who have visited your beautiful country, the hospitality and friendship of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Syria.

Based on our long lasting relation and friendship between our organisations, please accept the solidarity of the Greek working class with the workers and the people of Syria, who fight against the plans of the American and European imperialists. Against the American and European imperialists, who have plunged into the blood the heroic people of Syria. We express our sympathy for the victims of the imperialists’ brutality. The fact that you organise your Congress within these conditions and despite the enormous difficulties, is the best response to the lies and slanders of the enemies of the Syrian people.

The characteristic of our time is the escalation of competition to control the markets, natural resources and energy pipelines by the monopolies and big business groups. This leads to further bloodshed, because war is the continuation of politics by other violent means. 100 years after the 1st World War and 75 years after the 2nd World War, there is a high risk of widespread military conflict. International solidarity is the weapon of the workers against the brutality of imperialism. In this direction, it is very important the role of the General Confederation Syria in the World Federation of Trade Unions.

Dear colleagues, the crisis in our country since 2010 has led more than 50% of the population in poverty, 30% of workers are unemployed, while peoples’ income continues to decline due to heavy taxation. The same harsh measures are imposed in European countries. Within these conditions, the trade unions that rally with PAME fight against these developments and have been receiving the solidarity and support of all the trade unions – members of the WFTU.

So, on this occasion we want to express our gratitude to the General Federation of Trade Unions of Syria for its solidarity and support to the struggles of the Greek workers.


Dear colleagues

  • We stand by the General Federation of Trade Unions of Syria that organizes the struggles of the working class of Syria

  • Long live the working class of Syria

  • Long live the WFTU




PAME-All Workers Militant Front, 5b, Ag.Filotheis str., 10556, Athens, Greece

email: [email protected]


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