List of Immediate Demands for the Protection of the Unemployed

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

During these difficult times for the working class-popular strata families, the pensioners, the unemployed, the youth, because of the attack of the Greek Government of the socialdemocratic SYRIZA, the European Union and the Monopoly Groups, one of our weapons is the workers’-people’s solidarity everywhere.

The hundreds of thousands unemployed must not watch the developments passively. They are not responsible for being unemployed, the unemployment benefit is not a gift. In contrast right here and right now we must demand together, workers and unemployed, complete package of measures for protection and relief.

Within today’s conditions it is most urgent the unemployment benefit to be given to all the registered unemployed. No unemployed without subsidy. No unemployed should be unprotected, without support.

The previous period, the management of the OAED (the Greek Employment Agency that provides the Unemployment Benefit) gave freely to the Greek Government the cash reserves of the Agency, stating that the money for the Unemployment Benefits were guaranteed!

In spite of this, OAED uses the Ministerial decisions for the closure of the banks, so as to worsen the already difficult living conditions of the unemployed and their families.

OAED sends the unemployed to the ATM’s queues to take only a part each time, of the already low, Unemployment Benefit. For those unlucky, who do not have a cash card, they are given only 1/3 of the money they are entitled to.

The unemployment benefit is, for the unemployed, air so as to cover his most basic and immediate needs. It can not be given drop by drop.

OAED must find a way (eg postal checks) to give immediately and without any delays the whole unemployment benefit to all the unemployed.


We must fight and demand 

  • Provide unemployment benefit to all registered unemployed
  • No cuts in the already low benefits. Immediate payment of the whole amount
  • Free healthcare for all the unemployed without any conditions or requirements. No charge to the unemployed for healthcare, medicine and welfare benefits
  • No charge for the bills of electricity, phone-internet, water. Prohibition of shutting down water-electricity-phone-internet supply and connection. Debt cancellation for bills – consumer loans of all unemployed.
  • Extend Free Transport for all unemployed in all Public Transport, in all cities, without time limits or requirements.
  • Provide unemployment benefit to self employed who have shut down their businesses

Colleagues, neighbors who face extreme problems or urgent situations should not be left helpless and alone

 High Alert!

 Our actions, our solidarity and material help to block conditions of misery. Priority is covering the needs in food, medicine, baby foods. In coordination with the central solidarity committee to organize our presence everywhere!

 We call the unemployed to contact with their unions, the unemployed committees in each neighbourhood, with the people’s committees that have been formed everywhere. To contact with PAME.

 No unemployed, laid off or unpaid worker should be left alone against the employers and the state!



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