Important Success of the Class Unions of Greece Against the Trade Union Mafia


The struggle of the class unions in Greece, of the honest trade unionists against the trade union mafia brought a significant result.

By decision of the court, the leaders of the trade union mafia, employers and creators of a huge mechanism of election fraud within the trade unions, are dismissed by the interim leadership of the Federation of Private Employees (OIYE). The court fully accepted the  90 page document of the class trade unions on the actions of the union mafia at the OIYE Federation and the request that these leaders must be thrown out of the interim Leadership, and especially the Employer Karageorgopoulos, ex President of the OIYE and Press Secretary of GSEE and a member of the PASOK (Socialist Party) and the members of SYRIZA, Vasilopoulos and Kuriakoulias after hundreds of complaints for election fraud and for creating of a mechanism for the entry of employers inside the trade unions.

The decision confirms what all workers in Greece know. That the current situation depicted in the OIYE and the GSEE is the product of blackmail, fraud and employers’ intervention. This development confirms the dirty role of the GSEE trade union mafia in Greece, which defends the mechanisms of the employers, the presence of employers inside the workers’ unions.

At the same time, it exposes the ITUC-ETUC, which with lies, anticommunism and slanderare attacking the real workers’ representatives of Greece and PAME while they are defending and accept the presence of the employers within the trade unions. The ITUC-ETUC has openly interfered in the internal issues of the Greek trade union movement to enforce the presence of employers inside the trade unions of Greece. Once again, THEY FAILED.

We are aware of the current correlation within the trade union movement, we know it remains negative. But we intervene in it, we do not close our eyes to the unconcealed election fraud and to the outrageous employers’ intervention that shapes this situation.

The court decision confirms the struggle of hundreds of workers who did not bend their heads, they defied blackmail and threats from executives and revealed the plans of the employers and resisted.

The battle and struggle against the blatant employer intervention and the presence of employers and their people inside the workers’ unions will continue persistently and with greater determination in the coming period.

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