Hands Off The Farmers’ Struggle!


 PAME stands by the side of the poor farmers who struggle against poverty and misery imposed by the Government-EU and Business Groups.

The class workers’ movement denounces the unprecedented governmental operation of intimidation and repression against the struggling farmers.

This is an unprecedented persecution of the farmers who struggle, of the leaders of the farmers’ movement, according to a political decision of the SYRIZA government, as it is the first time that trade unionists, presidents and board members of the organizations of the farmers’ movement are send to trial, without being given the chance to address to the tribunal.

The new persecution of trade unionists is a new page in the black bible of the authoritarianism and the repression of the SYRIZA government.

Following the law against the right to strike and trade union action, SYRIZA penalised the mobilizations against the auctions of houses by the banks and, using the riot police and violence, they attacked mobilizations of teachers, of workers of students, and they drag to courts, every day, the militants of the workers and peoples’ movement.

The only persecution that has not proceeded during the SYRIZA government is the one against the criminals, murderers of the Nazi Golden Dawn.

After all these, we nominate Mr Tsipras for the Nobel Prize… of Authoritarianism And Repression.

Intimidation will not pass! The farmers continue their fight!

PAME calls on trade unions, federations and Regional trade unions to express their solidarity in the fair struggle of the poor farmers and to condemn the new criminalization of the trade union organisation and action.

Workers-Farmers United

One Voice-One Fist!

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