GSEE Trade Union Mafia and the European Union hand in hand in Lies and Slander


As much as the GSEE trade union mafia wants to hide its dirty, anti-workers role, their friends reveal it.

GSEE Trade Union Mafia and the European Union are hand in hand in Lies and Slander attack Against the Regional Trade  Unions, Federations and Trade Unions that are opposed to the EU’s anti-workers policy

After the announcements of support to the trade union mafia of GSEE issued by the fascists of the Golden Dawn, Tzimeros (far-right politician) and the parties that imposed the memorandums in Greece, the European Union came to complete the list of supporters for GSEE.

Following the ETUC Congress where the GSEE appointed President was applauding Juncker, the EU’s institute EUROFOUND (European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions), published a report on the situation of Greek workers, in which they reproduced  all the mud, slander and lies of the trade union mafia about alleged “PAME violent practices that prevented the GSEE Congress”.

We only note the following

The EU is the mechanism to promote the interests of monopolies against the workers of Europe and was the 2/3 of the Troika that imposed the Memoranda in Greece.

GSEE applauds the EU and accepts its anti-workers measures and memoranda

The EU reproduces GSEE’s slanders against PAME


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