Demonstration Against the Fascist-Nazi organization “Golden Dawn”


 PAME, student unions and peoples’ organizations held a rally in front of Athens Court House on Wednesday, November 6th against the fascist, criminal organization of the Golden Dawn as it was the day that the leader of Golden Dawn would give his statement in court.

PAME called on the mobilization to condemn the criminal and fascist Golden Dawn by the courts, but primarily to be condemned by the workers’ conscience. PAME also denounced the responsibility of the ND and SYRIZA governments for the fact that the trial against the criminal Golden Dawn has taken more than 4.5 years, noting that the murderers of Golden Dawn were free to sleep in their homes –under house arrest- and continued to intimidate workers and militant unions. At the same time, PAME denounced the policies of the ND and SYRIZA, which attack workers’ rights and involve the country in imperialist plans that fuel nationalism and racism.




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