COSCO Workers’ Protest


The Union of COSCO Workers-ENEDEP and the class unions of Piraeus held a protest in the offices of COSCO at the Port of Piraeus against the new attack of the multinational against the workers.

The COSCO and the Industrialists’ Union of Greece-SEB, demanded the exemption of the COSCO workers from the category of workers in dangerous and unhealthy professions. This development would cancel the agreement that was reached after the many days strike of the workers in COSCO last year and would result in lower salary, as well as abolition of Social Security and Healthcare benefits for the workers.

This development comes at the same time with a series of threats and attacks against the leadership of the ENEDEP Union. The Union has denounced a series of threats and attacks against its cadres and especially its president. Specifically the last period there were a murderous assault by the Security Chief of COSCO against the president of the workers’ Union, attack against the president while driving by masked men in motorbikes, messages with photos of guns targeting cadres of COSCO Union and more. The Union filed official complaint to the local authorities about these tactics of intimidation against the union members by the employers.

The Union demanded the cancelation of the employers’ plans. The signing of Collective Contract with abolition of the flexible working relations, of contractors and outsourcing.

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