Big Demonstration of Students of Athens Solidarity with Students of the US -FREE PALESTINE

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Students’ Unions of Athens declared once again that they are “on the right side of history”, that they are on the side of the students of the US universities and their struggle against the repression that attempts to silence their voices, and any voice opposing the massacre of the Palestinian people

On Friday, April 26 a big demonstration to the US Embassy declaring that their position is with the people, taking and giving strength to their fellow students in the United States, who are raising their voices against the crime against the Palestinian people, against the imperialist plans.

“History has a right side, FREE PALESTINE,” they chanted and the banner signed by the student Unions read in English.

“Solidarity with the students in the US

No to genocide in Gaza. Freedom to Palestine”

While the message of the General Union of Palestinian Students of Greece read

“Stop the genocide of our people now. Free Palestine – free Gaza!”

On behalf of the students of Athens, Dimitra Kokla, president of the Sociology Student Union of the University of Athens, said

“The students of Athens are here today to express our solidarity with the students in the US universities, who are demonstrating en masse and condemning the US’s support for the murderous state of Israel and the massacre of the Palestinian people, but also the multifarious collusion of American universities with monopolies that profit from the massacre in Palestine.”

“We salute the students who in more and more states continue and expand their mobilizations showing their full solidarity with the people of Palestine by shouting ‘freedom for Palestine’, ‘stop the genocide’, ‘give money for schools and education, not for bombs and occupation! We denounce the repression of the American government that does not hesitate to proceed to the use of chemicals and even rubber bullets inside university campuses! We denounce the hundreds of arrests of students who are demonstrating for the obvious, for their country not to participate in the massacre of an entire people with the tragic toll of 40,000 dead, 20,000 Palestinian children killed.”

We take strength from the overwhelming anti-imperialist demonstrations of thousands of students at Columbia, Yale and other universities. Students around the world from Greece, France, America and everywhere, we are sending a loud message against imperialist plans, against the slaughter of peoples, we stand in the right side of history.

That is why we strengthen our solidarity with the people of Palestine, but also with all those who stand by them, break the fear, do not submit to intimidations! Only hope and courage are given to us by these images from the universities of America, where students do not bend in the face of harsh repression and arrests, but continue even more vigorously. This was the response of the supposedly progressive Biden government to the young people who are crying out against the war, who are crying out for justice. At the same time that the US government is funding the occupying state of Israel with billions to keep the massacre going. These are their values!

Together with the students in America we continue because we are fighting for peace and the justice of peoples, against the logic that the human soul of a small child is a cost in the face of the profits of the few.

Against the hundreds of arrests, against the threats of intervention by the National Guard, against the punishments by the administrations that even impose suspension of studies, against a real modern witch hunt. The students’ stand is proof that young people all over the world want to be called human beings and that is why they will never stop fighting for peace and justice. This is the attitude they fear!

Now is the time for the peoples of the whole world to fight against the US-NATO plans, against the bloodshed of peoples for the interests of the few. It is time to join our voices with the students in the USA! We are strengthening the struggle through our Student Unions against the ever deeper involvement of our country in wars and massacre. Students in our country are on the right side of history! We demand to stop our country’s involvement in wars and massacre!

Brothers and sisters students in America we are on your side! We demand that the arrests stop here and now – the crescendo of repression! Solidarity with students in America! Free Palestine!”.



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