April 7-Action Day on Healthcare – International Health Day

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις

Dear comrades

The developments with Covid-19 are enormous for the people of all countries

The positions of the EU and governments in each country have undermined public healthcare and endanger the lives of the workers

They try to secure the profits of the multinationals risking the health of the workers and destroying our rights

The class unions of Greece, with the Unions of Doctors and Healthcare workers in the front line call for Workers Action Day on April 7

Under the slogan


We Break the Silence!

Masked mouths still have Voice!

Healthcare is not a commodity!


Cassons le silence!

Masqués mais pas muselés!

La santé n’est pas une marchandise!


¡Εstamos rompiendo el silencio!

¡De bocas cubiertas sale voz!

¡La salud no es mercancia!


Rompiamo il silenzio!

Le bocche coperte hanno voce!

La salute non é una merce!

Following the great initiative of USB in Italy, we call workers, doctors, nurses, unions from each country to send their message of solidarity and struggle

With photos or small videos with the slogan and messages to be published and send at

[email protected]

and to the workers and local media of our countries, in social media #staystrong

To send a message of struggle and solidarity, even during confinement and quarantine

We stay strong, we stay on the side of the workers in each country

We demand immediate measures for the protection of the people


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