Unions’ Immediate Response to the Government’s Announcements

The class unions of Athens gave a first militant response to the announcements of the Minister of Labor for new reactionary reforms to Labor Law.

The Ministry announced that Sunday holiday for a large list of sectors will be abolished. The SEPE-State Labor Inspection- is abolished and becomes an independent authority. The government legislates for up to 13 hours of work per day, implementing the provisions of the EU directive. The right to strike is being attacked again by the requirement that a third of the staff will have to work in a number of workplaces during strikes.

With a militant protest at the Ministry during the Minister’s Press Conference PAME called on unions and workers to fight against the bill but also to fight for the abolition of all laws that turn their work and life into hell.

The Unions painted the entrance of the Ministry and threw olives to mock the Ministers call that these reforms will give more free time to the workers to “harvest olives”.

PAME called for a massive demonstration the next day, Thursday, May 13 and escalation of the preparations for National General Strike

Videos of the Protest




Video Spot for the Demonstration on Thursday, May 13


Photos https://flic.kr/s/aHsmVG9U1P