Trade Unions Denounce The Endangerment Of Workers Lives During The Recent Earthquake


On 17th of July 2019 an earthquake occurred during work-hours near Athens. Several Trade Unions, such as in Telecom, Commerce, Food Industry, Hotels etc have denounced a series of companies that prevented workers from evacuating the buildings after the earthquake.

Once again it was revealed that most of the companies do not have any evacuation plan in case of emergency, thus risking the lives of the workers and customers.

Ironically, among such companies are some that have been Rewarded as “Best Employers”. Such as the multinational call center TELEPERFORMANCE, where the employers prohibited the workers from evacuating the building and demanded that the workers continue to work during the earthquake! 

Also CARLSBERG Group the biggest manufacturer of Beverages and Beers in Greece has its biggest Logistics facility only 10 km from the center of the Earthquake. However the employers demanded that the evening shift keep working even if though there were big possibilities for another bigger earthquake.

PAME and the class unions denounced such actions by employers and big multinationals.

We do not accept anyone to play with the lives of the workers!

The class unions demand the imposition of Health and Safety regulations in all workplaces and the implementation of specific planning for action in case of emergencies.

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