Students of Greece: Demonstration at the US embassy on Friday in solidarity with the US students and the people of Palestine

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Solidarity to the students in the USA! History has a right side – FREE Palestine!


The students of Athens we express our solidarity with the students of Columbia, Yale and dozens of other universities in the USA who are demonstrating against the massacre of the Palestinian people by the State of Israel. At the same time, we denounce the unacceptable repression of the students and the hundreds of arrests that the police have made.

Students are facing a modern-day witch hunt, facing persecution, the suspension of their student status by the supposedly ‘progressive’ Biden administration, which at the same time funds the occupying state of Israel with billions to continue the massacre.

These “values” are shared by both the so-called “progressives” in the US and the governments of the European Union (EU), including the New Democracy (ND) government in Greece, but also by the other parties that support the EU, which absolves the crimes of the murdering state of Israel by baptizing the genocide of the Palestinian people as a “right to self-defence”. On the responsibility of all of them, our country is actively involved in the wars and the slaughter of the Palestinian people, even sending frigates to the Middle East!

The developments in universities that are considered world-leading confirm that in the university-business the owners are in charge, who do not even hesitate to arrest students when they get in the way of their business. At Columbia, the University administration suspended (!!!) 2 Student Associations for holding events about Palestine, “repeatedly violating the rules of the Institution’s operation”. In October 2023 Harvard published the names and photos of students of the Institution who signed a petition condemning Israel and supporting Palestine!!!

These actions and the repression of students can be explained when one considers that:

Yale alone has been granted 1.3 billion dollars by Israeli companies!

In total the sponsorships from Israeli companies to American Universities exceed 25 billion dollars.

Israeli billionaires are even members of the governing boards of the institutions (e.g. billionaire shipowner Idan Ofer).

The financial aspirations of American companies are enormous, which is why they generously support the murderer state of Israel, as does the US government, which a few days ago approved 98 billion (extra) in ” support for Israel”, i.e. for the murder of the Palestinians.

Precisely because it is “a lot of money”, that is why students “have behave themselves”, for the interests of governments and businesses. That is why there is no room for any freedom of speech, no freedom of movement of ideas, as we warned with our big struggle against the privatization of universities in Greece and the even greater commercialization of our studies!

However, the youth and peoples of the whole world have proven that they are on the right side of history, they have consistently expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian people! It is this message sent by the peoples that frightens governments and all those who participate and/or support imperialist crimes! Justice is not silenced, no matter how much they try to suppress it!

We join our voice with the students in the US, who continue their struggle despite threats of expulsions and sanctions, who stand smiling and holding their heads high despite arrests. We are strengthening the struggle through our Student Unions against our country’s deepening involvement in wars and slaughter. We do NOT accept to pay HALF A MILLION EUROS a day for the frigate “Hydra” to sail to the Middle East to participate in the crimes!

Students all over the world, we are united against the imperialist plans – the genocide of the Palestinian people!

Because we know that “if you want to call yourself human, you will not stop fighting for justice for a single moment”.

We demand:

Stop now the arrests and repression against students in the US

Stop the involvement of our country in the wars and the massacre of the Palestinian people!

Stop the genocide of the Palestinian people!


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