Strike against lay off of the president of Lavrion regional trade union

            PAME is supporting the struggle of the workers in the printing company “Vlachos” who went on strike this Wednesday 17th of July and continue with new strike on July 18-19 to protest against the intimidating layoff of their colleague, a contract worker , member of the Union Committee in the company and president of the regional Trade Union Organization of Lavrio-East Attica on the outskirts of Athens.

            With this layoff, the company wants to put an end to the pioneering action of our colleague in defense of the workers’ rights and  also put an end to the unity and organization of the workers in the company. 

            The past few weeks, workers in the company, through their assemblies  and rallied in their union committee, had been demanding equality of rights between contract and permanent staff (primes for unhealthy labour and for night work) as well as increases in the salaries for all workers in the company.              Their persistent struggle with work stoppages and other means had forced the company to accept a number of their demands and to commit to gradually hire the contract workers as permanent staff. 

            This new attack is part of the more general offensive launched by the government and the employers. It’s also another proof of the true meaning of the “economic growth” that had been promised by both SYRIZA and the new governing party, ND: a growth which augments the profits of the large business groups and shatters the wages and rights of the workers.

PAME demands for the company to immediately recall the layoff. 

PAME is calling all the trade unions to actively express their support and solidarity.


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