Solidarity with the workers of Italy and the Strike of 26 May

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PAME expresses its solidarity with the workers of Italy and the USB who go on strike on May 26 all over the country and in all sectors demanding wage increases.

The USB and the workers of Italy are organising their response to the attack of the business groups-EU-Italian government, who impose poverty, unemployment, increase in the cost of living, and attack on workers’ rights in order to serve the profits of Capital.

In Greece, Italy, France, Britain, in many countries of the world, workers are walking streets of struggle to defend their lives and their rights. The great strike struggles of Europe have demonstrated the enormous power of the working class, the class that produces wealth and can overturn the situation.

From these struggles emerges the need for a militant response of the workers against the system that generates poverty and wars. It highlights the need to strengthen the common struggles of the workers of Europe, to strengthen solidarity and coordination against the common opponent.

We stand with the workers of Italy and the USB trade union in their great struggle to protect their lives and rights. We express our solidarity with the May 26 strike in Italy.


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