People’s Homes are saved by the people!

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A river of people spread out yesterday on Papagiannis Street in Elefsina, to become a shield for Dionysia, who is a disabled athlete, and her family, who are threatened with eviction.

Workers, youth, residents of the city were present at the massive rally called by unions and mass organizations, confirming their pledge that they will defend the residence of the family from the bankers and their funds.

The slogan “The people’s homes are saved by the people – No fear, uprising everywhere” vibrated the whole neighbourhood, which has been “on its feet” for days. The rally also read many statements from athletes and artists who stand by the disabled champion and her family.

The mobilisation with its massiveness, exposed the hypocrisy of the government, which is supposedly talking about the rights of people with disabilities. At the same time, it forced the company that ‘hit’ the house at auction to back down. All that remains is for the government to take its responsibility and now secure the house for the family. Elefsina has taken an oath that it will protect this house as if it were its own, an oath that is kept in practice every day from dawn by the hundreds of people, members of the unions, who take turns guarding the house.

The house was auctioned by a well-known fund for a 20,000 euro debt on a loan taken out by the family. After the general outcry and the expression of solidarity, the construction company that took the house in the auction process accepted to return the house to the family, provided that the money spent on the purchase of the property is returned to them.





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