PAME on March 30 Day of Palestinian Land

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March 30 – Palestinian Land Day

International Day of Solidarity with the People of Palestine

On 30 March, we turn Palestinian Land Day into a day of action and solidarity with the people of Palestine.

We denounce the US-EU and governments that for so many months have given a blank cheque to the murderous state of Israel to kill thousands of children, women and civilians while causing one of the largest waves of refugees in modern history.

For more than 70 years the people of Palestine have been expelled from their land, or have lived in it as prisoners, enduring daily torture, imprisonment and murder. Israel’s ongoing invasion of Gaza and the West Bank, as well as its operations in Lebanon and Syria, in addition to the already enormous toll of blood, are preparing a new, worse round of conflicts and wars with tragic consequences for the peoples.

While the people of Palestine are living their drama, the Greek Governments have huge responsibilities for tying our country to the Euro-NATO camp, the participation of the Greek Armed Forces in imperialist missions. While nothing washes away the Mitsotakis Government that had run to express support to the butcher Netanyahu. At the same time, the Greek Frigate’s mission in the Red Sea puts us in a new Odyssey of conflicts and wars that have nothing to do with border defense. We do not accept that the Greek Armed Forces become the right hand of the murderers of peoples, and that our country becomes the target of retaliation, in order to protect the profitability of the shipowners.

On 30 March, Palestinian Land Day, the peoples of the world unite their voices against the genocide of the people of Palestine.

We demand

Free Palestine.

Stop now the carnage in Gaza

No Greek participation – No support for the occupying state of Israel

PAME calls on 30 March every union, Federation, Regional Trade Union Centre, every young person, every worker to send our own message of solidarity to the heroic people of Palestine.

In every workplace, wherever possible, the actions in preparation for the new National General strike on 17 April should be dressed with the flags of Palestine. With diverse actions and initiatives to shout out PALESTINE IS NOT ALONE

Standing firmly by the people of Palestine

Until the crime stops and the people of Palestine live in the land of Palestine Free and Independent

Videos and photos of the unions’ actions to be posted online under #FreePalestineGr

Twitter @PAME_Greece


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