PAME message TO THE WORKING CLASS OF FRANCE-Solidarity with the Strike of January 29



Solidarity with the Struggle of the Workers of France and the Strike of January 29

Dear comrades

PAME, representing the class trade union movement of Greece, a member of the World Federation of Trade Unions, once again expresses the support and admiration of the Greek class trade unions for the great struggles of the French workers.

Dear comrades,

Currently the ND government in Greece, based on the laws of the previous SYRIZA government, is trying to impose a social security bill similar to the Macron measures in France. It wants workers to work for up to 67 years of age and if they live up to that they will only be given a small allowance that they name “pension”. At the same time it abolishes the social nature of insurance, turning workers into clients of private insurance companies, where the health of everyone, their healthcare, will depend on what money they have.

In both Greece and France and throughout Europe, the European Union and governments are attacking workers, their salaries, their rights to public-free healthcare and insurance to protect the profits of business groups.

In the face of this attack, the great struggle of the workers of France is a struggle of workers all over Europe. The big strikes and the varied mobilizations you’ve been organizing for two months have touched and moved millions of workers. And in Greece workers, trade unions are watching your big struggle with interest and anxiety.

We know it is a difficult struggle, a struggle against a tough and dirty opponent who uses media slander, repression, but also uses forces within the unions, such as the ETUC, to create confusion and frustration among workers.

But dear comrades, after two months of mobilization, you have already won. The capitalists and the Macron Government have already lost. Their law was revealed as unfair and against the workers. At the same time, they have unknowingly shown that there are two roads for the workers of France, for the workers of Europe and of the whole world.

The road proposed by Macron and the ETUC, the road of cooperation of workers with the anti-workers’ governments and capitalists. The road they call “social peace” and “social dialogue”. The road of class collaboration.A road leading to profits for the capitalists and poverty and misery for the workers.

Opposite them there is the path of the workers of France, the path of struggle for our rights, for the life and the future of the working class. The path that is based on the undeniable truth that wealth is produced by the working class and we must fight against those who steal it from us.

Dear comrades, PAME, the Greek class unions, millions of workers around the world we are watching your struggle and we are on your side.

Today in Greece we are preparing our own strike response bearing in mind that in the streets and factories of Greece, in the ports and in shops, we walk and fight alongside the strikers-the militant workers of France. Because we know that our struggle is yours too. Because we know that your victory will be a victory for workers all over the world.

PAME, the Greek class unions, express our support and solidarity in the great struggle of the French workers and the ongoing strikes.

Long live the struggle of the workers of France

Till the Victory!


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