PAME: Long Live the Struggle of the Workers of France

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PAME expresses its solidarity with the working class of France and the new General Strike on March 23 and the big daily mobilisations of the workers.

The working class, the youth and the people of France, with the militant trade unions in the front line, flood the streets of all French cities every day and carry out massive, militant strikes and multiform actions to prevent the imposition of the anti-workers pension reform of the Macron government. They clearly state that they do not accept to work til death.

Colleagues of France, your struggle has already made history. The huge strike mobilizations of the past period, your multiform, unwavering action over the past months, have once again demonstrated the enormous power of the working class and the organized, collective, class struggle.

Your struggle has forced the Macron government to throw off all false facades and show the real, anti-worker face of the power of the monopolies. They are legislating against the people, using a class legal arsenal. They ban demonstrations, threaten militant trade unionists, terrorize the people who produce the wealth, in order to secure the profits of a minority of exploiters.

The EU, governments and parties in every country, of whatever colour, “progressive” or “conservative”, servants of the business groups, put first and foremost, competitiveness, growth and the profits of the few and sacrifice the lives of the people to them.

Against these policies also in Greece, in the last few weeks two of the biggest strikes of recent years have taken place under the slogan “THEIR PROFITS OR OUR LIVES”. This, which is the dilemma for every worker, in every country. And your struggle gives a powerful answer that workers will not accept new sacrifices.

The government-employers threats in France, the intimidation, the slander and the repression against the big workers’ mobilisations are a further proof of the weakness of a power based on the exploitation of the many.

Already the mass, collective disobedience of the trade unions in the banning of demonstrations has broken the attempt to block struggles and mobilisations. With this huge action, every anti-workers’ law can be thrown to the trash and we can bring to the fore the modern needs of the working class, for wage increases, lowering of retirement limits, for a life worthy of the 21st century and not a return to the Dark Ages.

We are the class that produces wealth. We are the class that pulls society forward. And the struggles of the workers of France today are pulling the entire working class forward. The working class of Greece, PAME was, is and will be on your side.

Solidarity to the struggle of the workers of France!

Until Victory!


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