PAME Flash protest in Athens International Airport – STOP THE MASSACRE IN GAZA

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PAME Flash protest in Athens International Airport – STOP THE MASSACRE IN GAZA


 On the morning of Thursday, November2 unionists of PAME held a flash protest inside the Athens International Airport in solidarity with Palestine

The protest started in front of the offices of the Israeli Airline El Al and then marched inside the airport informing passengers and workers

PAME stated:

No one can remain silent when the death toll from Israeli bombing in Gaza exceeds 8000, including over 3000 children and over 1000 women.

No one can remain silent when a child is killed in Gaza every 10 minutes.

No one can remain silent when there are more than 15.000 wounded in Gaza without the necessary treatment because of the suffocating blockade by the murderer state of Israel.

And these are only the figures for the last few days, since for decades a real genocide has been taking place against the Palestinian people, which has been escalating recently. The consequences of the occupation and the barbaric policy of the State of Israel are being paid for also by the Israeli people themselves.

We continue to express our solidarity with the just struggle of the Palestinian people by demanding:

  • No support for the Netanyahu government and the terrorist state of Israel.
  • STOP facilitation with bases and other infrastructure of our countries to the US, NATO and Israel. Get the war hawks out of Souda and Elefsina now. Return now the Greek frigate Psara.
  • Stop all economic – political – military cooperation with the murderer state of Israel
  • Now recognition of the Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

We call all the people of Athens to a massive rally and concert on Sunday 5 November at 11 am in front of the Greek Parliament to march to the Israeli Embassy.



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