Militant Protests of LARCO Workers: LARCO open, No Worker to lose his job!

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Workers of LARCO continue their 55month long struggle to keep the Industry open and no worker to lose his job.

On Tuesday, June 18 with massive participation from all the region around the factory and with the strong solidarity of unions and workers of Athens, LARCO Workers protested at the Evelpidon Court House demanding to remain at their jobs pending the outcome of the injunction they have filed.

Under the massive pressure the workers won another positive outcome from the court and then moved to the Ministry of Finance to protest the Government’s attempt to fire them through an amendment it filed late at night at the Parliament.

The LARCO Workers were warmly welcomed by workers of Athens who massively came to support them in spite of the strong heatwave during midday in Athens center.

With their militant stance the LARCO Workers forced the Ministry into some commitments. But the Unions remain on high alert against the Government’s plans and called for a new massive demonstration for June 20.

Class Federations, Regional Unions and trade unions from all over Greece have called for massive actions of solidarity and demonstrations in support of LARCO workers on June 20 with work stoppages and demonstrations in Athens and Thessaloniki.




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