Militant protest cancels US Army Concert in Greece – Solidarity with Palestine

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The Greek government and the municipality of Larissa tried unsuccessfully to launder the US-NATO murderers with a concert of US’ West Point military academy orchestra, while thousands of children are being murdered in Gaza.

The Regional Union of Larissa and the people of the city protested against this provocation with a massive demonstration stating “No land, no water to the murderers of the peoples” outside the Municipal Conservatory of Larissa, where the concert of the United States Military Academy West Point was planned.

In front of the Conservatory, strong riot police forces had been deployed and were confronted by the demonstrators who demanded the cancellation of the concert, which symbolizes the involvement of our country in dangerous war plans.

The police forces had clear orders to prevent the demonstration at all costs, and they did so by attacking the protesters with chemicals and batons.

But the protesters managed to break police forces lines and entered the Conservatory. A delegation entered the building only to be again attacked at the door of the hall by riot police and security forces!

The violence and repression was denounced by the president of the Region Union Centre of Larissa, Yannis Skokas, stressing that “the US is responsible for the killing of 13,000 children in Palestine” and that “their laundering does not pass in this city and this is the message that the people sent them tonight. The people don’t want you. Murderers go home…”.

The desperate efforts of the organizers to fill the hall with anyone they could find in front of them (they put the staff of the Conservatory as spectators) were not successful and the concert was practically cancelled thanks to the mobilization of the Larissa unions.


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