Joint Call of Transport Trade Unions Greece-Italy-Turkey : STOP the massacre in Palestine! STOP the Transport of Death!

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 STOP the massacre in Palestine!

STOP the Transport of Death!

 The history of transport workers has always been clearly on the side of peace, against fascism, racism, against any occupation and oppression of peoples.

For this reason, we cannot tolerate the transformation of the ports, airports, ships and trains of Europe into centers of trafficking of death.

We cannot tolerate the loading and unloading operations of ships, planes, etc. carrying weapons into the conflict or providing logistical services to it, to help feed a system that slaughters thousands of innocent people, especially women and children, every day.

In response to the dramatic appeals of the people and workers of Palestine, the trade unions signing this appeal and representing transport workers in Italy, Greece, and Turkey, we reaffirm our joint decision to stop and prevent any loading and unloading of weapons, war material or any means that could continue to fuel the massacre of the Palestinian people.

For us, this joint initiative is another step forward in the long and glorious tradition of peace of Europe’s transport workers.

We will be at the forefront of any action and demonstration demanding an immediate end to the massacre in Gaza.

We demand that the governments of our countries stop the transfer of arms from our ports and all support for the hand that is murdering the people of Palestine.

For Peace with Free Palestine

We call on the trade unions of dockers, ship workers, airport workers, railway workers, and all transport workers in Europe to support our initiative and call for joint action by workers in our sectors across Europe.

Country- Union

Italy, USB Transport

Greece, ENEDEP-COSCO Dockers Union, Piraeus Port

Greece, STEFENSON, PEMEN, PEEMAGEΝ Maritime Unions

Turkey, Nakliyat Is


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