Greece -Metalworkers win 3rd signing of Collective Contract within 2 months

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The third local contract in less than two months was signed on Friday, February 23 by the Metalworkers Union of Attica and the Shipbuilding and Repair Industry of Greece, this time with “Construction Maragaki Co”.

The contract provides for 10% increases for 2024 and secures a number of labor rights and gains.

The 1st local collective contract was signed with the EMEK factory at the beginning of January and the second with “Construction Dimitriou” at the end of January.

The union ahead of the strike on Wednesday February 28 calls for an escalation of the struggle against the government and the employers and demands that the just demands of the workers in the shipbuilding sector be accepted, that the collective agreement be declared compulsory for the whole sector.

The union stated that “in the last period through our organization we have managed to sign collective agreements with wage increases in 3 factories in the sector. By this it is proven daily that we can only count on our own strength to achieve conquests. Nothing will be given to us if we do not demand it. All in the National Strike of February 28”


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