Decisive action by COSCO Piraeus dockers blocked ship transferring weapons for Israel

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The decisive, militant action of the dockers of the port of Piraeus, in Cosco, and the local unions prevented the ship MSC ALTAIR from unloading war material in the port of Piraeus in support of the murdering state of Israel that massacres the Palestinian people. This development shows the strength of the workers!

A development which is a continuation of the very massive mobilizations throughout the country to condemn the genocide in Palestine and demand the immediate disengagement of our country from it. It is a continuation of the struggles of the peoples in the countries of Europe, the USA, all over the world, who are expressing their solidarity with the people of Palestine by demanding that the massacre be stopped HERE and NOW!

The ship MSC ALTAIR, after failing to reach the port of Barcelona, sailed to Pier 1 of the Piraeus port. But the dockworkers’ of COSCO with their militant attitude blocked them.

This action left on paper the plans of the USA – NATO and the Greek government, which day by day involves us more and more in the US-NATO plans, sometimes by providing facilitation to the killing machine of NATO, sometimes by sending war material and personnel to the burning area.

The Greek government should understand that it will find in front of them the workers-people’s movement and the struggle against on the transformation of our country into a base for the murderers and at the same time into a target for retaliation.

The class unions always in the front line, to stop our country being a base for the bloody plans of the imperialists.

Solidarity with Palestine


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