Art To Become a Weapon Of Workers-Artists In The Struggle For Life With Rights

PAME congratulates the successful and multiform actions of the Unions of artists and art workers who with their notes, their songs and their steps raised the voice of demand and struggle.

The numerous cultural interventions of the National Union of Musicians, Union of Actors, countless musicians, singers, actors, artists throughout Greece on May 21 gave strength and gave beautiful moments to thousands of workers and people. At the same time, however, they are an important step in the great struggle of the workers of Art for survival so that the people are not burdened again with the new crisis that has come.

In the difficult times of the pandemic, but also in the struggles that are coming, Art cannot and should not be a privilege of the few. Art must becoming a weapon of workers-artists in the Struggle for Life with rights.

PAME Video of yesterday’s actions