April 3rd 1999 – April 3rd 2024. 25 Years of PAME

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April 3rd 1999 – April 3rd 2024

25 Years of PAME

25 years ago, on 3 April 1999, the founding national Congress of PAME took place with the participation of 1,500 trade unionists from base level trade unions, Regional Unions and National Federations of the private and public sector all over the country. In the documents and the decisions of the founding Congress was analysed the need to reconstruct the trade union movement in a class direction, in opposition to the logics of “social partnership”, “class peace and social dialogue”, against the damaging role of the ETUC members in Greece, the GSEE and ADEDY, against the anti-peoples’ policies of the capitalist state and the exploitation of capitalist barbarity.

PAME in its 25 years of life has been at the forefront in the organisation of workers’ struggles and strikes, in the big sectoral mobilisations of every period, in the struggles in hundreds of workplaces in the fight for the protection of jobs, workers’ income, working hours, social security and everything that concerns the working-people’s family. With his positions and slogans PAME gave courage, strength and inspired thousands of workers, dozens of trade unions, and was present in every workers’ demand.

The pioneering action of the trade unions and trade unionists who rallied in PAME, in the strikes, in the small and big struggles that developed in 25 years are the ground for the continuation, for the counterattack of the workers together with those who are affected by the policies of every government, by the attack of the business groups, by the current waves of inefficiency that are eating away our wages.

It is a legacy of the initiatives of PAME during the pandemic period, which with its militant action broke the bans and restrictions, organised the workers’ struggle to defend their lives. As well as the great strike battles of the last years against the strike-breaking tactics of the GSEE – ADEDY that rallied a large number of Federations – Regional Trade Union Centres – primary unions, culminating in the strike for Tempe on March of ‘23 and recently on February ‘24 that cancelled in practice the efforts of the parties of the ND, PASOK, PASOK, SYRIZA and their mechanisms in the labour union movement, who wanted to put a tombstone on workers’ demands.

PAME took the lead in the steps of joint action of workers, self-employed, peasants, the Women’s movement and student and pupil organisations, who are affected by the policies of the governments, the EU and big capital. It had an important contribution to the formation of a nationwide fighting front of workers, self-employed, farmers, students, against the anti-popular policy of the government, as expressed in the last strike on February 28th with the mass demonstrations.

Faithful to the principles of internationalism, in 2000 it became a member of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU). Its foundation coincided with the struggles against the imperialist war in Yugoslavia and Greece’s participation in this massacre, organising from the very first moment solidarity with the people of Yugoslavia. All these 25 years it continues its anti-imperialist-internationalist action against the imperialist wars and interventions, fighting against the murderous plans of the USA – NATO – EU that involve our people in new dangers. Today it consistently stands by the people of Ukraine and Russia who are the victims of the imperialist war being waged on the territory of Ukraine at the responsibility of the USA – NATO – EU – Russia. It organizes its solidarity with the people of Palestine who are being massacred by the murderer-state of Israel.

From the very first moment it organized solidarity and struggle for the rights of refugees, those uprooted by the imperialist wars. It has consistently been at the forefront of organizing migrants in trade unions, in the joint action of Greek and migrant workers against capital, especially in sectors and regions where significant numbers of migrant workers are concentrated.

PAME’s action spread across the whole spectrum of social life. It took initiatives in culture, founding theatre groups, dance groups, the PAME choir, which every year hold dozens of events all over the country, in cities, neighbourhoods and workplaces. It developed action on the needs and problems of youth, apprenticeship, initiatives with actions against drugs. Similarly, it took initiatives in the field of sport, organising workers’ football tournaments with the participation of dozens of teams from sectors and workplaces, street races. It took initiatives for working women, the protection of maternity. Organized blood bank and took dozens of initiatives of solidarity for the victims of disasters in Greece and all over the world.

Today, with the achievements of science and technology, there are all the conditions for a decent life, permanent and stable work for all, work with rights. With more free time and modern free rights in education, health, social security, housing, holidays, sports.

The wealth produced by workers is incomparably greater than at any other time. Our sweat, our toil continues to be reaped by the few, a handful of parasites. This is not static, it is not the law! It can change. The battle of every working-class family to create a better tomorrow for their children can be won.

With the working class in the vanguard, we march forward for the future that belongs to us, for the great cause of liberating workers and the oppressed from the chains of exploitation!

25 years on, we pledge to continue to fight, steadfast, with class orientation! We strengthen our organization, class unity, and workers’ solidarity!

We are firmly present today, in the next day, in the tomorrow of working class struggles!

Long live the 25 years of PAME!



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