About the Meeting of UNI Europa in Greece with “unionists”/employers

On December took place in Greece a meeting of UNI Europa Gaming. In their group photo we can clearly see the notorious in Greece “unionist”/employer, Press Secretary of GSEE, D. Karageorgopoulos.

What is well known in Greece is that the specific person is at the same time President and CEO of the limited company “PEGASUS FORTUNA GAMING S.A”, which provides a range of services to Casinos. That means he is an employer and at the same time he presents himself as a “unionist”.

It is well known that he used his position as a “unionist” to obstruct workers’ struggles and those that he did not manage to block, he undermined them. After all, the Press Release of UNI admits that he accepted and signed wage cuts of workers.

For these reasons hundreds of unions, workers’ federations and workers’ union organizations from all over Greece have demanded his dismissal from any union position.

If he wants he can participate in Employers’ Associations.

It is a direct attack against the workers, the admittance of employers in the Unions. Even more their “election” as representatives of the workers.

We ask the following questions:

Does UNI welcome employers as its members?

Does UNI welcome employers being elected in its leadership?

Does UNI know about the double capacity of mrKarageorgopoulos?