PAME at the Congress of the Versailles Railway Workers’ Union

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On Thursday, 8 June, a delegation of PAME participated and greeted the Congress of the Versailles Railway Union-CGT Cheminots de Versailles, in Paris, conveying the solidarity of the workers of Greece with the struggles of the workers of France.

At the same time, PAME thanked the Trade Union for sending a delegation to the big May Day rally in Athens, but also for its constant solidarity with the struggles of the workers of Greece.


PAME stated, among others, in its greeting

Dear comrades of CGT Cheminots de Versailles

It is a great honor and privilege to be with you in your congress at this historic period. In your face we express solidarity with all workers of France, who have led a huge, great, massive, unprecedented struggle

A victorious struggle. A struggle that proved once again the power of the working class and the weakness and the lies of Macron and the bourgeoisie.

Because of your van guard action and initiatives, you and other militant unions in France, members of WFTU, are targeted and attacked. By both the bourgeoisie and others who appear as friends and allies.

Over the past year, your initiatives have made a decisive contribution to the organization and coordination of workers’ struggles in France against the policies advocated by the European Union and implemented by the government and employers. You have also led important actions to denounce the role of imperialist forces, including the United States and NATO, and to highlight the role of their servants within the trade union movement, including the ETUC and the ITUC. This is also why they are being targeted!

You have also made an important internationalist contribution. constantly express through action solidarity with the struggles of workers in other countries, with recent your participation in May 1st demonstration in Athens that sent a strong message of internationalism

You have always supported actions by the world’s workers against exploitation and imperialism, supporting in many ways the struggles of the peoples of Palestine, Cuba, workers’ strikes in Britain, Greece and Italy, for the rights of women, immigrant workers and young workers.

Dear comrades, in Greece, we have a duty and an obligation to thank your and all militant trade unions in France for your constant solidarity and support for the great struggles of Greek workers.

In every difficult moment, you have been at our side. And that’s why the Greek unions, together with PAME, have also always stood by French workers during their major strike mobilizations. We have condemned police repression and violence, the arrests of many comrades, the requisitioning of strikers, organizing demonstrations outside the French embassy and consulates in Greece. PAME delegations have gone to Paris, Marseille and elsewhere, again and again, to support the struggle of French workers.

We stand by our French comrades who, thanks to the struggle they have waged in recent months, have become an international symbol of unity, resistance and hope for the working class, an example for workers all over the world.



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