PAME at the Congress of FNSTFPS of Portugal

PAME delegation participates in the Congress of Public Services Federation of Portugal- FNSTFPS, in Braga that takes place on January 16-17.

PAME greeted the congress and noted:

“…in these difficult and complex conditions, the WFTU, the trade unions members of the WFTU in Europe were in the front line of the struggles that took place in every country. In France, Greece, Italy, Turkey, the Spanish state, Serbia etc.

At the same time, in spite of the obstacles, despite our weaknesses, we have utilized our weapons, our ideology, class solidarity, and organizational work with faith in the working class.

Simultaneously, we are developing the internationalism and solidarity. We are fighting for the coordination of the militant trade union forces in Europe so that we can resist capitalist exploitation.

We believe, dear colleagues, that today we have experience, there are opportunities to take new, militant steps forward in order for us to have trade unions that will be alive, militant, defenders of the workers, in the first line of the struggle, and not trade unions that will be bureaucratic, corrupt, servants of the governments and the capital. 

We are fighting for the strengthening of the WFTU, which completes this year 75 years since its establishment, which is a very important course, always on the side of the workers around the world. With struggles, with sacrifices, with offer!

This year many events will take place in all the continents and in all sectors, as announced by the WFTU. In Greece, the first event is already scheduled on January 30 by the public sector organizations.

With these thoughts we greet your congress and in your face we greet all the workers of Portugal.

Long live the 12th Congress of FNSTFPS (Portugal)

Long live the 75 years of the WFTU”