PAME Condemns The SYRIZA Government For The New Violent Police Attack Against Workers Protest

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PAME denounces the SYRIZA Government for the violent attack of the Riot Police against the protest of Unions in the city of Kozani, who protested against the anti-workers’ policy of the Government, which took place on Wednesday, July 12.

At the same time, when the prime minister was speaking about the so called “Just Growth” a few meters further, with riot police forces, the Government "explained" to the workers what this means to the people. On the one hand, they banned the peaceful protest of the local unions to approach the area where the prime minister was to speak, on the other hand they made an unprovoked attack on the protesters. This is Tsipras' message: Poverty, unemployment, authoritarianism! Violence and Unemployment for the workers, Profits for Employers. The attack on wages, pensions, the brutal taxation, goes hand in hand with authoritarianism and repression.

We call on the trade unions to denounce this new phenomenon of oppression. To give a massive-militant response to the attack against workers against democratic and trade union rights. To respond to the effort of SYRIZA to ban the right to strike.

We call all unions to express their support and solidarity to the ongoing major strikes in Metal, Commerce, Tourism.





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