We Condemn The Thousands Layoffs Announced By Microsoft

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The Telecommunications & Information Technology Unions of Athens, Thessaloniki, Forthnet and 360 Connect(Vodafone) members of PAME and WFTU condemn the multinational Microsoft, which announced that it will lay-off 3000-4000 from its sales departments. The "reason" of the layoffs is the company's decision to proceed with restructuring aiming at the further development of other services eg cloud. The use of the new possibilities offered by science and technology development under the ongoing effort the of monopolies to increase their profitability and competitiveness leads thousands of workers to unemployment, even to giant companies such as Microsoft.

The policy of layoffs in the context of restructuring to boost profitability has been followed by other IT companies around the world. In a sector of tremendous profitability, the extreme competition of business groups requires continuous sacrifices from the workers, deterioration in working conditions, wage cuts and abolition of workers’ rights.

Against the anti-workers’ policies of the business groups, workers have the weapon of organization and solidarity

We express our solidarity to the thousands of Microsoft employees and call them to coordinate our struggle, to protect our jobs and our rights


Telecommunications & Information Technology Union of Athens

Telecommunications & Information Technology Union of Thessaloniki

Telecommunications & Information Technology Union Forthnet

 Telecommunications & Information Technology Union 360 



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