Introduction of the Executive Secretariat in the 4th National Congress of PAME

Introduction of the Executive Secretariat in the 4th National Congress of PAME

Delegates at the 4th National Congress of PAME, comrades representatives of the WFTU, trade union representatives from 23 countries, our…

Photos of PAME and the class Trade Unions

Photos of PAME and the class Trade Unions

Photos from the activities of PAME and the class trade unions of Greece are available at:

 PAME Book on The Functioning and Action of Trade Unions

PAME Book on The Functioning and Action of Trade Unions

Dear colleagues, The link attached is a brochure called “The Functioning and Action of Trade Unions”, published by PAME in…

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We Defend Workers’ Right To Strike

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The SYRIZA - ANEL government of Greece is ready to forward a major attack against the workers’ trade union movement and attempt to ban the Right to Strike.

The massive popular manipulation, the lies and illusions that SYRIZA used in order to reach the helm of power on behalf of capital are not enough. The 3rd memorandum and the hundreds of anti-worker laws that have crushed the lives of thousands of working and popular families are not enough. SYRIZA now organizes an offensive against the organization of workers’ struggles with a Labour Law, specifically against the right to strike.

Because they already know that the "fair development" that they are talking about will involve the abolition of workers’ rights and conquests, it will be a new plunder in popular income, faced with this barbarity on behalf of the capital, the government is ready to put workers’ struggles on ice. We must stop them!

Historical experience has shown that anti-people measures and repression go hand in hand. The SYRIZA government has been trying to impose silence on every workplace. They want to ban the right to strike, the organizational structure of the movement, the way in which the workers will be organized.

Intimidation in the workplaces is growing. The employers seem to be uncontrollable because of having the government’s tolerance. There are hundreds dismissals of militant workers and even elected trade unionists, supposedly "protected" by the current legislation, with their only "misconduct" that they are fighters in the struggles against layoffs, wage cuts, employers' crimes.

Today 90% of the strikes that go to courts are called illegal, and a whole industry has been created up by lawsuits and prosecutions against the representatives of the class trade union movement with decisions that find guilty even workers who have come to protect workers' legal rights.

They are therefore getting ready to intensify repression, to put new obstacles in the right to strike, in the organization of workers.

They want to impose even more detailed recording of the militant workers by using an electronic register for all union members.

All Trade Unions Must Be On Alert!

Every Honest Trade Unionist Must Be In The First Line

Every Worker Must Participate In Their Trade Union In Order To Strengthen Them

In Order For The Class Struggle To Escalate

We do not step behind our gained right to discuss in the workplace, to organize, to participate in the processes and decisions of the unions, in the daily demands for the defense and widening of our rights. No worker should be alone against the bourgeois state, civil justice and employers.

For a mass movement, strengthened with everyday struggles in the workplaces, with live unions that the workers themselves will be involved in, to defend and enlarge the rights, on the basis of our modern needs that do not fit in their development.

Workers’ information and resistance must be organized in every workplace, in every business, in every industry now. Boards and General Assemblies, meetings and demonstrations must be organized in every workplace. We must protest organizing gatherings, protests, mobilizations of every kind. The moment the government announces their plan, workers must escalate their struggle with protests and rallies. Every trade union, must prepare workers for a new General Strike when the government brings the new law on the limitation of workers’ freedom, against workers’ right to organize and fight for our rights.

Massive Protest Of Trade Unions On Thursday 12 October At The Ministry Of Labor


We Call All Unions

  • To Condemn This New Antiworkers’ Development

  • To Condemn The Attempts Of The Greek Government To Ban The Right To Strike

To Express Their Solidarity With The Actions Of The Class Trade Unions Of Greece, of PAME, In Defense Of Workers’ Rights




Athens, Greece, October 10 2017



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