Introduction of the Executive Secretariat in the 4th National Congress of PAME

Introduction of the Executive Secretariat in the 4th National Congress of PAME

Delegates at the 4th National Congress of PAME, comrades representatives of the WFTU, trade union representatives from 23 countries, our…

Photos of PAME and the class Trade Unions

Photos of PAME and the class Trade Unions

Photos from the activities of PAME and the class trade unions of Greece are available at:

 PAME Book on The Functioning and Action of Trade Unions

PAME Book on The Functioning and Action of Trade Unions

Dear colleagues, The link attached is a brochure called “The Functioning and Action of Trade Unions”, published by PAME in…

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ETUC's Dirty Attempt to Falsely Take Credit for the Struggles of the Class Trade Union Movement of Greece

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In article for Greece, published in its e-magazine, ETUC attempts to take credit for the struggles of the Greek, Class Oriented, trade union movement, by using photo from demonstration of PAME!!!

The ETUC, this notorious part of ITUC in Europe, which acts as the right hand of the employers and the European Union, has played an extremely dirty role in the imposition of the memoranda and the antiworkers’ policies of the EU in Greece, raised the level of its lies and hypocrisy.

Though the ETUC has 2 affiliate unions in Greece (GSEE and ADEDY), which have co-signed the wage cuts and attack on workers’ rights in Greece, the ETUC attempts to falsely take credit for the great struggles of the Greek workers, in which has played vanguard role the class oriented trade union movement of Greece, PAME, WFTU affiliate, and opposition to the ETUC’s aims.

Specifically, in article of ETUC, dated February 16, 2017, in its e-magazine, Equaltimes, under the title Greek workers face ever more precariousness, ( ), the article has as main photo, picture from a demonstration of unions of PAME, from which (by accident or on purpose) flags of PAME have been distorted. In addition, in the specific demonstration, which ETUC attempts to take credit for, main speaker was also the General Secretary of the WFTU!

This article is used by the ETUC, copied by the French newspaper Le Monde, where it was published under a different photo. That means, that the ETUC, copied and article, with statements of its affiliate in Greece, GSEE, in which the ETUC added a photo from a demonstration of PAME! This a clear attempt of ETUC, to falsely take credit for the struggles of the class trade unions!

The role of GSEE-ADEDY in Greece, as generally the role of the ETUC affiliates in Europe, has lead the trade unions in disrepute, demassification, rottenness, and removal from working masses. It is example of this, the fact that in the last General Strike in Greece (December 8), the GSEE tried to bring workers from all over Greece, in Athens, so as to be able to hold a Strike Demonstration. A plan, which failed, because no matted the effort and money spent, they only managed to gather a few hundred people.

The same date, PAME, the unions, the Federations and Labour Centres that rally with PAME, held Strike Demonstrations all over Greece, with the participations of dozens of thousands of workers. Only in the Athens region (Attica), on December 8, PAME held 4 different Strike Demonstrations in Athens center, in Piraeus, Lavrio and Elefsina, with participation that was much larger than that of the one gathering of GSEE.

This nakedness, this degeneration, ETUC attempts to hide and name itself militant, by using photos (altered) from demonstrations of PAME.

The ETUC is a mechanism of imperialism, servant of the EU and the monopolies. It is proud for being anti communist and for supporting imperialist interventions and many other “successes” against the workers and the peoples.

In Greece the ETUC supported the imposition of the anti-workers policies and memoranda, specifically in the 2015 Referendum, when it called the workers to vote in favor of the anti-workers’ measures, the same measures that today the ETUC is supposedly condemning.

PAME, since its foundation, is affiliated with the WFTU, part of the international class trade union movement. Its forces, the class trade unions, are in the first line of struggle against the antiworkers’ policies, against the EU, NATO and the imperialist interventions and wars.

The false attempt of ETUC’s forces, to take credit for the struggles of the class unions is not new. But, it is provocation to name themselves fighters, those, who openly are scabs, undermine the strikes and the struggles, those who cultivate disappointment, fatalism and defeatism to the workers.

PAME, the struggles of the workers of Greece, have no relation with the dirty mechanisms of ETUC. The honored flags of PAME have no place in the webpages and the media of the imperialists and their servants. But lies and hypocrisy, is second nature for them.

We call the working class of Greece and Europe to isolate these forces, to strengthen the struggle to reveal their dirty role.


Photos from the demonstration on October 17, 2016 of PAME:


We attach photos from the ETUC website (you can see the altered flags of PAME in the cirlces)



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