PAME Book on The Functioning and Action of Trade Unions

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Dear colleagues,

The link attached is a brochure called “The Functioning and Action of Trade Unions”, published by PAME in Greece on April 2015.

Its purpose is to help the debate about issues on the functioning of the unions, the role, the goals and actions of the union movement. About the destructive role of the forces of class collaboration in the trade union movement. Also, to highlight weaknesses and problems faced in the everyday action of the unions. To be a tool for young and older trade unionists. Of course, this small document does not cover all issues, neither does it analyze in detail. Furthermore, some issues are focused in the realities of Greek trade union legislation.

However, we believe it’s important for all unions to contribute with their experience to the collective thinking of the international trade union movement and, thus, we publish this document translated in English.

The book is dedicated at the 17th Congress of WFTU, which is to take place in Durban, South Africa, on October 5-8, 2016

You can read the brochure at:

Download this file (Book of PAME.pdf)Book of PAME.pdf