Municipality Workers’ Union Exposes the Lies of the SYRIZA Government

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The Municipality Workers’ Union of Athens continues the struggle against the Layoffs and exposed the lies of the SYRIZA Government.

The Greek Government of SYRIZA a few weeks ago announced the layoff of 15.000 employees in Municipalities, mostly those from Sanitation, Garbage Collection. The militant response of the workers and the class oriented unions, forced the Government to withdraw its statement and announce that the workers would remain in their jobs for some time and would not lay them off.

The class Unions had warned that such announcement were not to be trusted, as the tactics of the Government, along with the Mayors and the business groups who want to take over Garbage Collection, is to layoff municipality workers without resistance, so as to privatize Garbage Collection.

Yesterday, on July 6, the Municipality Workers Union of Athens, held a Press Conference outside the Ministry of Labour, in order to present what is the situation one week after the promises of the Government.

  • more than 2000 employees (2.139) were not paid for June

  • within the last week 621 employees in Municipalities were laid off

This tactic is used by Mayors and the Government to impose the privatization of Garbage Collection and undermine workers’ resistance.

The Union demanded the cancelation of all layoffs, immediate payment of owed wages and secure all job positions of the workers in Municipalities. In this direction the class unions will take new initiatives and continue the struggle.




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